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Research Fields: 3GPP and Non-3GPP Technologies



  • LTE/LTE-Advanced

  • 3GPP-WiFi interworking/offloading

  • IP-based data networks​

System-Level Simulations:

  • Live and synthetic networks

  • Blended approach: measurements and calculation results

  • Mobility implementation

  • RRM studies (e.g. scheduler, UL/DL PC, AMC, feature interdependencies)  

  • Inputs related to QoS and traffic statistics

  • Studies for special environments (e.g. inhouse, train, stadium, aircraft)

  • Heterogeneous networks

Protocol Analysis and Simulations:

  • Protocol-layer interworking

  • Parameter verification

  • Performance evaluation

  • E2E-relevance


New Methods of Data Analysis

  • Blending of various data types e.g. site configuration and database, PM/KPI, drivetest and network trace


On-Demand Research Topics, e.g.:

  • Idle Mode Signaling Reduction for LTE and 2G/3G

  • Multi-operator CN – MOCN and EPLMN

  • LAC+RAC harmonisation between 2G and 3G

  • Network audit of RAN, CS+PS core and backhaul combined with dimensioning

  • Geotracing

  • Features: ROI-analysis

  • Refarming 

  • Single-RAN

Example: Rise of Uplink RTWP Caused by High Amount of E-DCH Users, e.g. Simultaneously Active UE’s > 20 

1) How should the E-DCH Scheduler adjust the SG for high amount of UE’s having non-real time Bearers active and at the same time and  not endanger the BLER-target for Rel. 99 real time Bearers? 


2) How should be the BLER-target for non-real time Bearers adjusted? E.g.  

2A) High BLER-target causes low SIR-target -> high HARQ-BLER causes low          effective user throughput or

2B) Low BLER-target causes high SIR-target -> low HARQ-BLER

Method 2A) versus 2B): Advantages/Disadvantages of both methods


3) How can the E-DCH Scheduler reduce the uplink RTWP rise? E.g.

​3A) ​Interference Cancellation (IC) and/or

3B) Time-Domain Scheduling or

3C) Simply reducing the SG for all UE’s? or a new way:

3D) E-DCH Scheduler in NodeB should  maximize SG for each active E-DCH UE (considering Scheduling Info, UE’s activity factor) as long as Rel. 99 UE’s are not suffering from BLER-increase above Threshold(Service_User) and as long as effective E-DCH throughput on Iub can be increased.


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